Cleaning Products That We Use

We use cleaning supplies from Aunt Fannies because they rock

Free From

dyes • cleaning sulfates • phthalates • parabens • gluten • known allergens • immunotoxins • mineral oil • bleach • ammonia • formaldehyde • phenols • fake fragrances • MIT preservatives • BIT preservatives • pyrethrins • alcohol • petroleum propellants • neonicotinoids

Vinegar Floor Cleaner

  • Grabs even tough dirt and grime.
  • Safe on hard floors, including sealed wood and stone.
  • EWG A-rated for your safety.

Scent Options: Sweet Mandarin, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Bright Lemon

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

  • No residue left behind, no rinsing required.
  • Formulated for hardwood floors.
  • Safe around kids and pets.
  • Intended for use on all types of hardwood floors including solid, engineered, bamboo, manufactured and laminated floors.

Vinegar Cleaning Sprays

  • Tackles the greasy, grimy, sticky and icky, with vinegar and plant-based cleaners.
  • A-OK on food surfaces like counters, fridge, high chair trays.
  • Vinegar, plant-based cleaner, essential oils. That’s it. 
  • EWG A-rated for your safety.

Scent Options: Sweet Mandarin, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Bright Lemon

Vinegar Glass and Window Cleaner

  • Sparkle without harsh chemicals.
  • Remove smudges, fingerprints, rain spots, oil, dirt and doggy nose marks.
  • For windows, mirrors, light fixtures, chrome and stainless steel.
  • Neutral scent with a hint of lavender.

Bathroom Cleaner

  • Vinegar-based power for a pristine clean.
  • For sealed stone counters, tub, tile, fixtures and more.
  • Nothing but vinegar, plant-based cleansers and essential oils.

Carpet Refresher

  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Great for homes with pets.
  • Feel-good essential oil scents.

Scent Options: Lavender, Bright Lemon

Specialized Cleaning Tools

HEPA Vacuums

The Super CoachVac is a productivity powerhouse designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. This powerful and high filtration unit is ideal for vacuuming high square-footage areas that require the utmost cleanliness.

Commercial Mops

The Bissell Commercial CM500D-GRN CycloMop spin mop and bucket system provides you with a clever mopping system that will ensure the floors in your establishment are kept cleaning and shining. This portable mopping system effectively cleans up dust, dirt, and spills from a variety of floor surfaces.